La Locanda restaurant is the real Italian gem in George, Open they doors in early 2007,the Soresi family originally From Varese near Milan in the north of Italy, started La Locanda ( witch mean the welcoming place)with the love of food and the passion for cooking. Main chef know as Papa`Dario also active Chef of Chaine des Rotisseurs, trained in Italy for many years before moving to South Africa and opening a family business with is daughter Arianna and is nephew Matteo, they cooking is strictly Italian and traditional, but that das not mean is only pasta and pizza!!

They have a very large variety of meat, from pork dishes , beef , lamb and just as much selection on fish and seafood. They can start you of with a lovely Antipasto and a tasty Caprese salad with real “mozzarella fior di latte” fresh and creamy, there is plenty of choice for vegetarian to, from the stuffed aubergine with mushroom and they hand made panzerotti pasta filled with butternut.
At La Locanda every day is a different day!! That is one of the best thing of the restaurant, to keep the customer interesting Papa` Dario and Matteo are creating a daily menu `of ten or fifteen dishes to ad to they ala cart menu` So they can present you with new and exiting recipe All made from seasonal ingredient and fresh catch daily, But naturally all original Italian recipes.

There wine list is moderately large, the restaurant prefer to keep a majority of boutique wine to match with they unique food, you can also find a selection of imported Italian wine like the lovely Lambrusco or the Lady Chianti, La Locanda have a well stock bar to, with all of your local or imported spirit and liqueur, and naturally don’t forget to ask for a nice grappa or lemoncello at diner end!
You can enjoy a refreshing glass of wine in a hot summer day in the lovely garden of La Locanda, surrounded by lavender and lemon tree, the sweet sound of the water future is all you need to relax after a stressful day at work . The inside deco will remind you of a real Tuscany home, full of warm color and traditional painting, In each room you can experience a magic atmosphere , So what are you waiting for?! Come and visit us at La Locanda ,for your one and only Italian experience in the Garden Route !!

Kitchen open from 11-30 a.m. till 9-00 p.m. Monday to Friday  and on Saturday from 5-30 p.m. till 9-00 p.m.